• The world has gone completely digital

The world has gone completely digital

The numbers are truly staggering.  According to Internet World Stats there are approximately 1.8 billion Internet users worldwide (Dec 09) – and we have only hit 26% penetration!

Australian’s are now connected to the digital world.   Nielson Online reports that “internet participation” in Australia has hit maturity with 84% of the adult population online.  Around 60% of households are connected to high speed broadband and mobile penetration is close to saturation at 96% of the population.  It seems that by 2013 every man, woman, child and dog will have a mobile phone – and they’ll all be using mobile internet.

The world has truly gone digital and we have barely scratched the surface.

The rise of the Internet and digital media has completely changed consumer behavior.  Consider this – Australians now spend on a weekly basis more time online (17.1 hours) compared to watching television (12 hours). Many multi-task, that is surf the net and watch TV at the same time.  This change in consumer behavior has fragmented media and altered the way businesses communicate with consumers forever.  Gone is the old, one directional model of pushing messages down the throats of consumers using traditional media.  Businesses now have to communicate with customers on their terms – when and where they want.  How do you communicate with consumers and customers in this new world? The answer is simple; using digital marketing.

Punch Digital was created with the vision to assist businesses leverage digital technology/platforms/strategies and navigate the digital landscape, connect with consumers and customers, and to grow their business.  We are a new company and we are passionate about digital marketing.

Digital marketing can be overwhelming.  But it all starts with your website and web strategy.  Your website must form the centre of your digital (and marketing) universe.  It’s almost guaranteed to be the first point of contact potential customers has with your company so it must deliver a great experience, it must engage and ultimately achieve the goals you set for it.  Unfortunately this is often not the case.  Now is the time to take stock and review your site and ask yourself the question “is my website delivering?”  Are you capturing your share of the internet traffic and converting it into leads, sales and customers?

To celebrate the launch of Punch Digital we are offering you a free website audit valued at $497.  Let us review your site and see how it stacks up?  We’ll provide you with a bonus report and recommendations to get you focused on your web and digital strategy. Hurry the free web audit is only available for a limited time.  You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

We now live in a connected, digital world and the amazing thing is that we are only at the beginning of what is set to be an amazing journey.  So buckle up – we look forward to sharing the journey with you.

Now let’s get started …

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