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SEO tips to get your website ranked

Search Engine Optimisation is a proven winner in driving quality traffic to your website. In fact, over ninety percent of Australians turn to search as part of their decision making process.

Search Engine Optimisation is nothing new however many Australian businesses are yet to embrace SEO and leverage this key Internet marketing strategy. If your site is not appearing high on page one of Google, then you are missing out on business. Here are some key tips to assist you optimise your site for search:

1. Identify keywords that people are searching on and are related to your business. The trick is to select keywords that are relevant to your business, have acceptable levels of traffic and have low to medium levels of competition. Use Google Keyword Tool and Google Insights to gain an understanding of what people are searching on. Use your web statistics to understand the keywords visitors are using to find your site and ask your customers what they type into search engines to find businesses like yours. You’ll be surprised!

2. Build web pages around the keywords you have selected. Search engines love new content and to stay relevant you should constantly add new content to your site. Take the keywords you have identified and develop content in the range of 300 to 400 words for each page. Keep the focus of each page to one specific keyword and be sure to incorporate your selected keyword into the header, as well as the body content of the page.

3. Insert the keyword into the URL. If the keyword is made up of multiple words (ala “long tail keyword”) then ensure you separate the words with a hyphen.

4. Optimise your meta data. This is where many sites fall down because they overlook developing unique meta data for each page. For optimal success develop unique title tags that include the keyword or keyphrase and write an engaging meta description. It’s the meta description that will be displayed in the search results so it’s critical that it describes the content of the page. If it’s a sales orientated page include your telephone number.

5. Install Google Webmaster tools. Webmaster tools will provide you unparalleled insight into your site. Google sees it and it is critical to understanding issues that may be preventing your site from ranking higher. Webmaster tools will also provide detailed information on both your internal and external linking and keywords that are driving traffic to your site.

We’re assuming that you already have Google Analytics installed (or something similar). If you don’t, install it right now along with Google Webmaster tools.

Search Engine Optimisation is a powerful Internet marketing strategy that will drive targeted visitors to your site. After all, qualified traffic equals more leads, sales and revenue. SEO is about making your site relevant to what your customers and potential customers are searching for. By following these Search Engine Optimisation tips you’ll give your website and your business the best chance of online success.

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