• 7 issues with building websites

7 common issues with websites

Talking to business owners and many will tell you that their website doesn’t add much value to their business. And it’s generally true. Here are seven common issues with websites:

Site has no purpose. Without a clear purpose or objective a website will consistently disappoint. Many business owners we meet with tell us that their site looks good however it just doesn’t produce enough leads, enquiries or sales. What to do? Start by defining what it is you want from your site and ensure visitors can easily complete the desired task (i.e. call 1300 no, submit enquiry, place order, buy).

No tracking – there’s the old saying that you cannot manage what you cannot measure. Today there is no excuse not to track and measure traffic to your site using the wide range of analytics software on the market. What to do? Install Google Analytics today. It’s free and will provide you all the information you require to begin improving your website performance.

Outdated content – one of the biggest issues we see with websites is outdated content. Nothing turns off a visitors quicker than seeing content from 2007, or deals that are no longer valid. What to do? Develop a monthly content plan and ensure that you update content regularly. If required, nominate one person in your company who is responsible for maintaining content. Alternatively outsource content development.

Other common issues with many websites include – poor interface design and layout, websites that fail to generate enough traffic or a fail to generate the right type of traffic. The good news is that all of these issues can be easily overcome by developing a plan plan focused on what you want to get out of your website.  Start by asking what you want visitors to do when they arrive at your site and then ensure that the site is built around achieving that goal.

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