I know by now you’ve heard time and time again that if you’re not using remarketing yet you’re slipping behind in the marketing race. Remarketing is one of the most powerful tools a marketer can use in the online world today. If you’re still on the sidelines wondering why it’s so effective, you’ve come to the right place. We’re here to teach you exactly what remarketing is and why it’s working so well in 2017.

What is remarketing?

So what exactly is remarketing anyway?

Simply put remarketing is a way to stay engaged with your target audience.

When a user visits your website they are tagged using a cookie or pixel. The cookie is placed in their browser and allows you to show your ads to them when they leave your website.

So customer visits your website but they do not buy. They are tagged and when they leave your site you show them ads as they move through the internet. It allows you to stay front of mind when they leave your site and increases the chance of you getting them back to your site to take the action you want.

Did you know approx 98% of visitors leave a site without converting?

On average it takes between 5 to 7 touch points before someone makes a purchase or takes an action.

Remarketing helps to improve your conversions by showing your targeted ads to people who have already reached your website or app, but haven’t taken any action.

It’s all about re-engagement, with the goal of turning interest into an actual sale. It’s that subtle way to get your business’ name back in the brains of your targeted audience. Take your previous website visitors, and turn those clicks into conversions – it’s a no brainer!

The thing about remarketing is that you’re not stuck to just one method or approach. There are multiple ways and multiple channels that provide top-notch opportunities for you to turn interest into sales.

Facebook Advertising and Google Adwords are two of the biggest, easiest and most low-cost options kicking around these days – not to mention they are both incredibly effective!

How does it work?

But how exactly does this remarketing voodoo work you might be asking? Essentially you pick a target audience that has previously engaged with your business or your products and create ads to get back in front of them online, whether that’s on a social network, Google or whatever website or app they’re browsing.

Google Adwords is one of the big guns when it comes to remarketing. Google remarketing is run through your Adwords account and allows you to reach people across all devices on over 2 million apps and websites. It allows you to reach people when they are at their most likely buying time. And with these smaller, targeted audiences, you can have better tailored and relevant ads.

Facebook Advertising allows you to take advantage of the worlds most popular social network, as well as on Instagram and a HUGE variety of audience network partners, and pop up in front of people while they are casually scrolling their newsfeeds.

Facebook offers many different approaches, such as custom audiences, getting back in front of general website visitors, targeting people who abandoned their shopping carts, category based retargeting and even creating lookalike audiences from your website visitors. Trust us – these are the people you don’t want to lose.

Why it works

But, of course, the big question is, why does remarketing work so well? Believe it or not, it takes people between 5 to 7 touch points (or more!) before they actually consider making a purchase.

Remarketing is like that voice in the back of your head reminding you that you liked a product and maybe you should just go back and check it out one more time.

Remarketing works because your audience are no longer just cold calls – these are the people who have already shown interest in your company—they’re your low hanging fruit! These people are not only familiar with your business but you are also establishing further brand awareness and recognition across the web every time you chose to remarket.

What does this mean? You’re saving time and money, with the potential to make a lot more sales.

Remarketing has so many positives, such as:

  • Lower cost per impression
  • Better conversion rates
  • Cost-effective marketing
  • Higher ROI

One major benefit of remarketing is that it gives you a lower cost-per-lead. Remarketing gives you sales-qualified leads. You’re less likely to get meaningless clicks, as those clicking through are likely to already be interested in the product.

Sometimes business owners tell us that they ‘can’t afford to pay for remarketing’ and to that we say, how can you afford not to? If your business isn’t remarking then what happens to that potential customer? You might as well be sending them an invitation to go do business with your competitor! People want to be able to do their research before making a purchase, whether they’re buying a pair of shoes or a new sports car. If you think someone is coming to your website that hasn’t either already looked at or isn’t planning to look at your competitor, think again! Remarketing could be the difference between closing the sale or the losing a customer to a competitor. People move very quickly nowadays.

For example, showing a woman an ad for a dress she put in her shopping cart last week but didn’t purchase is a sure way to put your business back in the front of that potential customer’s mind. But why stop there? If you offer some type of incentive, such as 20% off this week only or free shipping, more likely than not, she will consider going back and checking out the items she was previously interested in again.

BUT – don’t be too pushy

Ask any female on Facebook between the ages of 18-35, there is nothing more irritating than browsing on an e-commerce platform, making a purchase and then being haunted by that company’s ads on Facebook for the exact sweater you added to your cart and bought weeks ago!

Today’s enlightened consumers demand their interactions with brands to be tailored, helpful and relevant—otherwise, you risk looking clumsy and unprofessional. But when done effectively, remarketing can be one of the most important marketing tools in your arsenal.

The takeaway here is that it’s no longer just about putting advertising material up, crossing your fingers and hoping that your target audience comes across it. The internet isn’t a billboard or a tram stop! It’s about going after people who we already know have an interest in your business so that, instead of put money on the table and hoping for the best, your making your advertising dollars work for you to grow your conversions and improve your bottom line.

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